First Tutorial

I scoured the net for clues on how to fold a hexagon – a six sided repeating shape – for a kaleidoscope effect. There were hints and intensely mathematical pages, but very little that was directly applicable to my project. My own first 3 attempts with paper were pretty sad and ended up as fuel for the boiler fire. But the fourth showed promise, then I hit the jackpot! It really IS pretty EASY! So I’ve documented it here with photos and hope it can someday help someone else.

A finished Kaleidoscope.
A finished Kaleidoscope on fabric.

Here’s an inset from a piece of fabric, 44″ high x 36″ wide, that was my first attempt at hand dyeing a kaleidoscope using this folding technique.

The tutorial “Folding a Hexagon” is linked under my Craft pages and can also be found here.