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It’s been ages since I had the time to post, but it’s raining outside so no after work weeding today. So what’s been happening?
I’ve finished the Red Faced Parrot Finch aviary rebuild and the Red Faced Parrot Finches have been moved into their new home. They love it! And they look so brilliant perched in the bushes when the sun catches them.
Another Gouldian Finch baby got evicted (or fell out) and had to be hand reared. We call him Geronimo after the 4ft fall he took from the nest. Fully feathered now and in with another completely independent hand reared youngster. Geronimo however still prefers hand feeding …
Planted more wind break Lilli Pillies yesterday to fill in the gaps. They’ll be loving the mild, wet weather!
Must try to find time to get some pages up on the Blue Faced Parrot Finches, as well as the Red Faced, and the Gouldians. But this will have to do for today. Geronimo needs his evening feed …

P.S. Dec 29th, 2010: Geronimo is a girl!! Looks like “she” is going to be a red headed normal purple breast.