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Garden Orb Weaver

Garden Orb Spider - Eriophora transmarina
Garden Orb Spider – Eriophora transmarina

Garden Orb spiders (Eriophora transmarina) are very common garden spiders, especially around large trees at night when they come out to build their webs. Their scare-factor is high as the webs can span large distances across paths or between trees, easily walked into in twilight or the dark. The spider itself is not aggressive and not normally seen during the day. Continue reading Garden Orb Weaver

Bird Dropping Spider

Bird-dropping Spider with egg sacks
Bird-dropping Spider with egg sacks

If you have lived in Australia for any length of time, especially south eastern country Australia, you would have most likely come across the egg sacks of the Bird Dropping Spider. The egg sacks are about the size of small marbles, and very strikingly marked.

We were fortunate enough to discover this nest on one of our Illawara Flame Trees (Brachychiton Acerifolium). Clinging close to the top of the egg cluster is the spider herself. With legs kept close to her body, and rather striking brown and white mottled and textured colouration, she does resemble a bird dropping after which she is named.

More information on this unusual spider can be found on Museum Victoria’s website, and the Australian Museum’s website.

The Spider that ran …

Putting my boots on after lunch I noticed what looked like a squashed spider on the floor. Figuring it must have been under my boots, I nudged it towards the door, whereupon it grew 7 legs and scurried like crazy across the floor. Being polished porcelain tiles the spider didn’t make much ground, so I nudged it a bit more with the toe of my boot till it was outside.
It was the craziest spider I’d seen in a long time. If anyone knows what this “walking smudge” actually is, let me know eh?

A flat bodied spider
A flat bodied spider?