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Gouldian Finches

We have been breeding the beautiful Australian Gouldain Finch ( Erythrura gouldiae ) for nearly 20 years.

Our breeding program focuses on the normal Gouldian colours as are found in the wild. Although the many colour mutations are quite stunning in their own right, it is this breeders opinion that nature’s original colour scheme takes a lot to beat. Subsequently our birds are breeding true to natural colour with only 3 instances of white breast normals during one breeding season only.

Despite their reputation as being difficult birds to keep and breed, our flocks have proven to be hardy and prolific, tolerating both high and low temperatures while having access to open wire covered flights all year round. We employ a system of twin-wall polycarbonate panels to provide protection from the worst of the winter winds and weather. The panels can completely close off the open flights if required.

Argh! Renovations …

Well, after a couple of years of in-activity on this website due to not having enough time for it … Google’s nagging at me about the old theme’s lack of responsiveness and a mid-winter work slow-down have combined to spur on an update.

I’ve wanted to convert the site to WordPress’ TwentyFourteen theme since I saw the first demo, pre-release. Back in 2013. So, let’s not rush into things 🙂

Naturally the new theme does things differently, and web infrastructure has changed quite a bit in the last few years. Bringing all the articles up to date with the new layout and image sizes will take time. So if something still looks odd, maybe I haven’t gotten to it yet – but if I leave Maintenance Mode on till it’s all finished it may never get turned off!

Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracenias, otherwise commonly known as Pitcher Plants, are spectacular in flower. Many people are aware of their elegant and frequently strikingly patterned pitchers, perhaps not as many are aware that in spring they can produce large, brightly coloured flowers in various shades from white, through yellow to red and deep burgundy depending on the species.

Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid in flower
Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid in flower
Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid in flower
Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid in flower

This year, my Sarracenia leucophylla hybrid produced this beautiful flower. Hopefully when it’s new little Conservatory is built it can grow to produce even more wonderful displays.