Spike, the echidna.


Spike, the echidna.
Spike, the echidna.

Native things things that hop, dig, fly, crawl, slither, climb and grow around the property.

We share this place with a growing abundance of wildlife. Since we moved in we have seen native species slowly returning as their habitat is being restored, and they find more variety of shelter, food and breeding sites.

Frogs are in great abundance all over the property, especially around the dams. Their happy, noisy chorus rings out every evening and every time it rains. Yabbies have returned to the dams, as have wild ducks, long neck tortoises, dragonflies, mayflies and even occasionally Bee Eaters and Sacred Kingfishers.

Lizards and skinks are everywhere – striped skinks, blue tongue lizards, worm lizards, the occasional goanna, lots of geckos and every summer a few snakes.

Birds are coming in increasing numbers and variety, from the tiniest Pardalote and Superb Blue Wren to the massive and ever so graceful Wedge Tailed Eagles. Butterflies native to the area but never seen in town are attracted to the slowly growing garden and supply of food plants.

We also share the property with at least three echidnas, seen regularly foraging for grubs or raiding the house rainwater buckets for a cooling bath in the heat of summer.

Every year brings something new, and it’s a never-ending delight.