About this Website

www.kathyw.org has undergone a number of evolutions over the years. Initially established as a static promotional site, it is now an experimental blog running under a major popular CMS (Content Management System) called WordPress. Here I can evaluate WordPress and it’s Plug-ins before deploying on client sites, and experiment with new technologies like JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

Content is the major driving factor behind innovation and creative use of web technologies – which is why I use my own personal passions for flora, fauna and creative pursuits as the basis of much of this site. By working through how I could best display and link my own material, and what plug-ins or alternative technologies would work best, I can better advise my clients on solutions for their websites. Conversely, where I have developed a solution for a specific application that could benefit others, I can incorporate and demonstrate it here.

I expect this website to continue to evolve, and change. The Internet is such and interesting and moving target, it is a continual learning and re-learning process. There are many wonderful and exciting technologies available, and others which IMHO are pure crap. Your mileage may vary, but it will be an interesting voyage.



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