We’ve been breeding Danish Recessive Pied Budgies for decades. Our birds are throw-backs to 35 years ago when a breeder of pieds was off-loading his “non-pied” birds. After 15 years of only throwing normals, opalines, grey-wings and the occasional albino or lutino, pied variants started to appear. Selective breeding in the subsequent years strengthened the strain to the stage where almost all our birds are visual Danish Recessive pieds, or carrying the gene.

We have carefully selected any newly introduced blood to exclude some traits, for example spangles, undesirable in our breeding program.

Attempts to increase the size of the birds in the early days were unsuccessful as the big, buff-head english style birds, or “meat-birds” as I refered to them, were too fragile and unfit for our all year open flight aviaries. More recent attempts have been successful with some selective matings, and the offspring have retained their hardiness and increased in size.

There are no plans to further “improve” our birds size, as their laboured, noisy, slow flying compared to the wild-type sized birds makes that trait undesirable for open flight aviary birds in our opinion.

Many of our birds are carrying the grey gene, which is reflected in the brilliance of their ground colours – white that is like arctic snow, and glowing buttercup yellows.