Time to bring the site back on-line!!!

Finally got a few niggly things sorted, and checked the new blog and site in my least favorite browsers – ie 7 and 8. Found a few more niggly things to fix for ie7, worked fine regardless in ie8. Only kinda works in ie6 but that is no surprise. I’m very much over kludging things for ie6 (any ie6 users out there, do yourself a HUGE favor and install Firefox).

The drop down menus seem to work fine, as does the lightbox – the “niggly” things that threw a spanner in the works of yesterday’s plans to bring the site back.

This is a huge change from the previous site in so many ways, from the visual of the design to the basic underlying philosophy and concept of KathyW.org.  It is past time to move away from the static picture-on-the-screen brochure style approach and grasp the new and engaging interactive options. Ok, so there aren’t any Facebook or Twitter (or fill-in-the-latest-fad) links yet, but they may well come. I’ve only commented out the code in the PHP, not removed it 🙂

Anyway, enough play for now – time to get back to work and setting up some eCommerce content for customers.