Where’d than butterfly go …

Stalking Butterflies
Stalking butterflies on the buddleia, blackberry can wait!

Yesterday was a good day to rip up some blackberry. So off I went with long green leather gloves, long sleeve shirt and hat, with the pick, long handled pruners and secateurs in my garden trolley. No sooner had I stopped the trolley when two unusual butterflies tumbled through the air and landed on the buddleia in front of me. Never having seen this species before I stared, entranced, when a large black butterfly with blue flashes of iridescence spiraled around to also land in the buddleia. And me with no camera!!!

Ok, back to the house, collect camera and go stalking butterflies!

Stalking Butterflies
Stalking Butterflies - where's that butterfly gone this time?

The blackberry did get cut back and mostly pulled out, and it did give me a valid reason to be down by “the Park” *and* get some work done at the same time. What blackberry is left is a good reason to re-visit “the Park” next weekend. This time I won’t forget the camera.

The unfamiliar butterflies turned out to be a pair of Glasswings and male Common Eggfly.