Wrens have left the nest!

At least two baby Superb Blue Wrens are keeping their parents really on their toes now! They left the nest some time yesterday and are now happily tweeting out to each other while the anxious parents keep watch.
They are constantly on the move, flitting about between the wattles and grevillias. Mum and dad keeping to the higher vantage points as lookouts.
I had one fledgling land only inches away, but by the time I moved the camera up to focus the branch was empty again. Such little sweeties!!!


Update March 1, 2011:
The wren numbers have rapidly jumped from 5 (two adults and 3 young) to over 7. They seem to be quite happy flitting about the garden, through the bushes, shrubs and trees. The dominant male still spends some time each day fighting his reflection …