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Just general stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere specific …

Can’t stop!

Don’t have the time to write anything for this part of the site yet :-

  • Must get the paper folding tutorial finished;
  • Need to wade through the previous half-finished site re-vamps from the past 2 years that never got on-line and pull out what’s still relevant;
  • Should sort through hundreds of image directories for material for the Photography section;
  • Would like to write up some articles to go with fiberglass sculptures and needle-felted miniatures for the craft area;
  • Really should think about writing up and taking additional photographs of the birds and my carnivorous plants.
  • Come to think of it, the challenges of living in our off-grid, underground house on 22 acres we share with kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, snakes, lizards, magpies, rosellas, wrens, chuffs etc etc would make entertaining and maybe informative reading …